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Astrius® for Landlords

Running an executive suite requires a different set of skills than being a landlord. That's why you need a seasoned ally on your team — Astrius.

Today, more office buildings than ever are choosing to have executive suites. The benefits are numerous, but opening and running an executive suite can be challenging — even for the most experienced landlords. Astrius can give you the profitability and other advantages an executive suite has to offer — while saving you substantial time, effort and capital.

Why choose an executive suite?

  • An executive suite can turn your vacant space into a substantial profit center.
  • Space that's been converted into an executive suite can be far more profitable than leasing to a single tenant.
  • An executive suite can serve as a tenant incubator. Many clients outgrow the suite, then seek larger space in your building.
  • An executive suite can be an attractive business amenity, enticing new tenants into the building and providing existing tenants with a range of valuable services such as extra meeting space, full or part-time receptionist support, temporary offices and other necessities.

Why choose Astrius to manage your suite?

  • Running an executive suite takes substantial time, effort and expertise. Astrius provides all of these so that you can stay focused on your core business. Just as you might put the daily running of your building into the hands of a real estate management company, Astrius can handle the day-to-day operations of your suite.
  • Astrius can help you maximize your revenue and improve your suite's operations.
  • Astrius handles your suite's Communications, saving you a substantial investment in equipment, staff and knowledge and providing your clients with the very best in professional receptionist services.
  • No previous executive suite knowledge is necessary. Astrius Management will take care of everything, from over-seeing the initial build-out to leasing indvidual suite offices.
  • Because our fees are linked to performance, we'll share your goal of creating the most successful executive suite possible. Our success can only be possible with yours.

Other Services

  • Astrius Consulting: If you're already managing your own executive suite, our expert guidance can help you improve any aspect of your business, from advertising and marketing to sales procedure and handling communications. You can select one of our flat-rate consulting packages, or retain us on an hourly basis. Find Out More Arrow
  • Astrius Turn-Key: All of the pre-opening help you need, bundled into an affordable package. If you prefer to manage your suite yourself, this is the perfect way to launch your business.
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  • Advertising & Marketing: From targeted e-mail campaigns to polished television and radio commercials, Astrius' creative materials and advertising know-how will give you a strong competitive advantage. Advertising & Marketing support is included in our Management service, and also available through our Consulting and Turn-Key solutions.