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Astrius® for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you can't afford to learn by trial and error. Let us put the knowledge and experience of a seasoned executive suite team on your side.

Whether you're starting a new suite from scratch or need help improving an existing location,
Astrius can help.

If you're just getting started, Astrius can help oversee your site selection and build-out and teach you everything you need to start your executive suite business. And if you're an existing suite owner, we can assist in all areas of operation — from getting more leads to making sure your client's phone calls are handled properly. Best of all, our services usually pay for themselves by helping you maximize the performance and profitability of your suite.

Already Have An Executive Suite?

Help your suite reach its peak potential:

  • Consulting: Astrius can help you improve your operations and maximize your revenue through a full-range of consulting services. We offer complete suite analysis and recommendations, as well as more targeted guidance.
  • Communications: Clients have high expectations for their communications, and when they're not met, the result is high attrition rates and bad word-of-mouth. Astrius can help, handling your suite's communications better than ever before, and reducing your need for expensive equipment and staff.
  • Astrius Management: Looking for a hands-off solution to running your suite? Astrius can manage your business for you, freeing you up for other entrepreneurial endeavors and still providing you with great profit potential.
  • Advertising & Marketing: Are you getting the quantity and quality of leads that you need to be successful? If not, our Advertising & Marketing services can help.

Open An Executive Suite From Scratch

  • Real Estate Site Selection: Finding a great location and properly negotiating a lease are essential for success. Astrius can serve as a tenant broker on your behalf to find and negotiate the perfect suite space. The landlord's agent represents the landlord's interest — we'll represent yours.
  • Turn-Key: Our turn-key solution is the best way to launch a new executive suite. You’ll get all the knowledge and training you need to successfully open and run your business. No previous industry knowledge is required.
  • Consulting: Once you're open, Astrius can provide you with as much or as little on-going guidance as you need.
  • Astrius Management: Astrius can even manage your suite for you, allowing you to enjoy absentee ownership without giving up strong earning potential.
  • Communications: Your suite's telecommunications can be the toughest part of your business to get right. Astrius can handle all of your communications for you.
  • Advertising & Marketing: Astrius can provide you with the first-class marketing materials and advertising campaigns you need to build your business.
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